Another Media Panic Over Bad Juju: ESPN Pulls Asian Guy Named Robert Lee from Announcing UVA Football Broadcast
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From Outkick the Coverage:
MSESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVa Game To Avoid Offending Idiots

Posted on August 22, 2017 by Clay Travis – OKTC

In a story that seems made for The Onion, but is actually true, according to multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN. MSESPN decided to pull an Asian college football announcer named Robert Lee off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game because they were concerned that having an ASIAN FOOTBALL ANNOUNCER NAMED ROBERT LEE would be offensive to some viewers.

Did I mention that Robert Lee is Asian?

Is this even real life anymore? This might even be worse than MSESPN apologizing for the fantasy football slave draft a couple of weeks ago.

To avoid offending left wing idiots Robert Lee, the Asian college football announcer, not the Confederate General who died in 1870 and shares a name with him, was switched to the Youngstown State at Pittsburgh game and Dave Weekley will now call the William and Mary at University of Virginia game.

Unless someone tries to take down Dave Weekley statues between now and kickoff.

Also, don’t forget the hub-bub in Los Angeles over USC’s mascot horse “Traveler” having a name that’s spelled almost the same as Robert E. Lee’s horse “Traveller.”

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