Another Case Of Hate Creep: The Word "Alien"
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I recently coined the term “hate creep” for the phenomenon in which a useful and innocuous term acquires a color of “hate.” 

“Self-deportation,” for example, used to refer to a passive, cheap, and humane way of pressuring illegal aliens to return to their home countries by making it hard for them to find jobs.  Up to last year’s presidential campaign, when Mitt Romney used it, it was the kinder’n’gentler way to enforce the law:  no workplace raids, no kicking down doors, etc.

Now, thanks to energetic spinning by the Treason Lobby, “self-deportation” means a Trail of Tears.

The word “alien”seems to be undergoing hate creep.  Liberals already wince noticeably when you use it in conversation.

Now “legendary legal luminary” Senior Judge Damon J. Keith of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (MI, OH, KY, TN) says that “alien” should be stricken from our vocabulary altogether.

Judge Damon J. Keith, the author of the Court’s opinion, also denounced the term “alien” as offensive and demeaning, urging Congress to eliminate it entirely from the United States Code.

There is some interesting information about Judge Keith at Refugee Resettlement Watch, whence I borrowed that quote.

If “alien” is hateful, what term should we use?  Suggestions welcome.  My own offering:  “Xeno-American.”

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