Another Blacklist Sighting: WaPo Bans King (Krikorian Next?)
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More on the anti-patriot blacklist out there in the MSM. Mark Krikorian blogs in NRO:
D.A. King is a dynamo in Georgia, working tirelessly for tougher immigration enforcement. He's a normal patriot – no Zionist conspiracy hogwash or anything like that – and has been published in the Atlanta paper and elsewhere and been on Fox, CNN, etc. Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that he's been blacklisted by the Washington Post. And I don't mean that metaphorically. He submitted a letter in response to Jim Hoagland's recent column about "pooling" American sovereignty (I blogged on the column here), got a positive response about publishing it from an editorial page staffer, then received the following:

"As you know, I liked the letter, but an editor here said that The Post will not print letters from your group."

(D.A. tells the story here.) Now, papers don't have to print anything they don't want to. But maintaining this kind of formal blacklist for a mainstream group, however much the paper may not like its politics, is repellent. What's worse, it looks like this isn't the result of one editor's prejudices, but rather the Post's joining La Raza's anti-free speech campaign, We Can Stop the Hate...

(Links in original).

VDARE.COM once had a close relationship with King. Unfortunately, it broke up over a business disagreement. I have never discussed this disagreement in public because I understand King continues to do good work for the cause of patriotic immigration reform in Georgia, and we still link to his group, the Dustin Inman Society. (He does not reciprocate).

But I can say that it is ludicrous on its face for him to be blacklisted on political grounds by the Washington Post, or by anybody else for that matter. King is the sort of naif who imagines that, by focusing only on illegal immigration, and endlessly claiming to have numerous black friends (quite truthfully, I'm sure), he will be spared the usual smear of "hate". Presumably he knows better now.

The irony here is that Mark Krikorian and the post-purge National Review themselves have a long record of triangulating against other immigration reformers and conservatives in general, like trusties in a jail cell hoping to curry favor with their liberal guards by denouncing alleged "extremists" .

Won't work, of course. If King's fate hasn't convinced Mark, he should consider his own former employer the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which removed its hyperlink to VDARE.COM years ago and has not restored it despite FAIR president Dan Stein's repeated personal promises to me [ask FAIR why not], but was just named a "hate group" by the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center.

The reality remains as I described it in Alien Nation thirteen years ago (p. 9):

Anyone who says anything critical of immigration is going to be accused of racism. This is simply a law of modern American political life.
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