Another Amnesty Plan In The Senate: The Wish Act
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You have to hand it these politicians and their creative (deceptive) acronyms: the WISH Act, the DREAM Act...

The latest is [S.2049] the Welcoming Immigrants to a Secure Homeland Act.

Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM...yes, he is actually a Republican) introduced S.2049 as another option to debate next week when the Senate turns to immigration reform. [email him]

From his own website press release:

“The time is right to fix our immigration laws, which are not working properly,” Domenici said. “My bill strikes a sensible and realistic balance between cracking down on illegal immigration while encouraging legal immigration. Slamming the door on immigration or unilaterally deporting millions of illegals already in the country is just unrealistic.”

Here is part of the bill summary from the same website:

  • The bill would create a guest worker visa for up to three 3-year periods (9 years total) for immigrants to gain legal entry into the Unites States, and potentially apply for permanent resident status. The bill would allow 500,000 such visas the first year, with subsequent visas increased based on market need
  • The measure establishes a program to allow illegal immigrants now in the United States—estimated at up to 12 million people—to apply for legal guest worker status. This proposal entails paying a fine and obtaining a legal guest worker visa.

In his quote above, Domenici says his bill is a "realistic balance between cracking down on illegal immigration while encouraging legal immigration."

Looks to me like its more of a caving in and giving the immigration lobby everything they want at the expense of Americans.

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