Announcing Suspension Of My Boycott Of Canada For Its Progress In Tolerating Free Speech
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July 05, 2012, 12:48 AM
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Back in 2008 when Mark Steyn and Maclean`s newsweekly were being legally persecuted in British Columbia for publishing an article insufficiently submissive toward Islamic activists` sensitivities, I announced:
And it`s time we did something about Canada`s repeated violations of the basic human right to free expression. It`s time to boycott vacationing in Canada until Canada improves its human rights situation. 
Granted, I can only afford to vacation places where I can pitch a tent; but let the word go out to Canadian firewood retailers that they won`t be getting any of my business until they help pressure their government to stop persecuting writers.
I have been informed that persecution of writers in Canada has lessened in recent years, so I hereby announce a suspension of the boycott. But, be aware, Canadian campfire fuel vendors, that the hammer could come back down at any moment.