Anne Frank - Killed by US Immigration Policy
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Now that The Diary of Ann Frank has become a sacred text in American grade school education - as unfalsifiable and universally indoctrinated as ever catechism was at any parochial school - it was inevitable that the discovery of yet more writings by Otto Frank should get a lot of attention. The result has been a widespread outbreak of pro-open borders and anti American (American in the founding people sense) commentary.

Representative of this is Why America closed its doors to Anne Frank by Rafael Medoff New Jersey Jewish Standard Feb 15 2007 which roundly denounces the motives of the post WW1 immigration restrictions, condemns the cautious response of the State Department to the European emigration crisis caused by the rise of Hitler, and concludes:

Every sixth-grade student in America needs to know that Anne’s death was not inevitable. The Franks were turned away from America by callous bureaucrats and politicians …We need to teach our children why America cast aside its proud tradition of welcoming "the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and closed its doors. Only then can we hope that such moral failures are not repeated by the next generation.

America’s guilt, in other words, demands open borders. Emma Lazarus wrote the Constitution. (email Medoff. Be polite!)

Studying History is wonderful because the passage of time brings new perspectives. Viewing America of the 21st century, with its traditional religious symbols fiercely repressed, rapidly transforming into an Hispanic slum, unable to summon the will to control its borders, yet eager to micromanage the politics of countries far away with no traditional tie to their homeland, the men who put through the 1924 Act, and who doubted the wisdom of huge WW2-provoked immigration, would probably reproach themselves.

The reproach would be that they did not act earlier, and more comprehensively.

These sorts of considerations are far beyond the grasp of the puerile loony-libertarian blog The Liberty Papers, which supplied my title. This maudlin demand for open borders

often people in other countries are desperately trying to get out of their home countries to avoid persecution, and it is flatly cruel to refuse them.

rapidly turns vicious when a reader makes a reasonable comment

This is an example of a common libertarian fallacy; that is, this absurd notion that the United States should put the interests and safety of foreigners above its own citizens.

and is denounced by another for his citations

All articles from right wing groups or racist groups such as VDare

while the originator of the blog shouts down an environmentalist’s concerns with a revealing riposte

You’re Mayflower material, I presume?

Laughably this blog is headed by Paine’s epigraph

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead

Peter Brimelow likes to say that Adolf Hitler is getting his revenge on America, because the reaction to WW2 has been to effectively ban any rational discussion of ethnic or racial interests (at least, those of the historic majority).

Viewing the discussions the Frank news generated, it is hard to avoid the view that imported ethnic animosities are at work too.

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