Anne Applebaum And The Educated Elite
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I wrote about Charles Murray and his column about elitism yesterday. Anne Applebaum thinks that Charles   Murray as an educated man is automatically a member of the elite he warns of—"The language being used right now in American politics is not merely "anti-liberal-elite," as Murray and others keep claiming. It's "anti-elite," and specifically "anti-educated-elite." Period."

I suppose this would make Murray a class traitor.

It seems to me that Ms. Applebaum is thinking of the Tea Partiers as people like the post-apocalypse illiterates in science fiction stories like Crisis In 2140, and A Canticle for Leibowitz who hated everybody who could read and write.

The Tea Party, as someone put it, doesn't hate people with science degrees, or doctors, or anyone who might be learning something useful and beneficial. What they hate is people trying to run their lives.

They think of Barbra Streisand that way, and she's a high school graduate who has received no formal education in my lifetime.

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