Ann Coulter Refresher on Economics 101: Supply and Demand
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With so much gibberish emanating from the White House and its willing stenographers on the topic of jobs and the economy, sometimes the rock-bottom basics need to be explained to those who may never have heard of them.

In a discussion of Obama’s pitch for government raising the minimum wage, Ann Coulter re-explained the concept of supply and demand, and how excessive immigration is mauling American workers. More immigration means additional competitors for every individual job, not very nice of our government at a time when more the 20 million citizens are jobless.

(A spare video link is here.)

ANN COULTER: The reason the natural minimum wage, what people are being paid at the low end of the scale, is so low is because our immigration policies are dumping millions of low-wage workers on America, so I think Republicans should introduce a bill saying no more immigration until the minimum wage that employers need to pay through the laws of supply and demand just rises. A country like Australia, which has very restricted immigration policies, has an extremely low unemployment rate and a minimum wage that is just naturally about twice what ours is.

We Republicans believe in supply and demand, and Democrats believe in everything being a handout from government whether it’s because you lost your job because of the minimum wage, we’ll give you food stamps and unemployment insurance, or we, the beneficent government, will give you this minimum wage. That isn’t the way a natural market works. We need to cut off immigration until the minimum wage naturally rises. [. . .]

[Immigration] is part of what is leading to income inequality, and as a result of income inequality it is the people at the top of the income scale who want lots and lots of low-wage workers. They want enough to start building the pyramids. They want to have gardeners and nannies and maids and pay them less and less and less, so low-wage workers coming in through our immigration policy are fantastic for the ultra-rich; it’s very bad for the people who are competing for those jobs.

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