Ann Coulter On Sobran
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October 07, 2010, 04:14 PM
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Ann Coulter is not a hater, despite what some people say. (The guy who said "Ann Coulter is a vicious and mean-spirited demagogue and I`m ashamed that I share more DNA with her than chimpanzees or bonobos." was wrong. Twice.) She really loved Joe Sobran and has just written an obituary:
"I`ve recently been telling a friend who talked me into agreeing to an interview with the Times that I wouldn`t be mad at him no matter what the Times does to me because "your enemies can never hurt you, only your friends can." I remember now that it was Sobran who told me that, years ago, in reference to his treatment by Buckley. "NOT YOUR AVERAGE JOE by Ann Coulter October 6, 2010