"Andrew Sullivan" Racist "Bell Curve"—How Does He Get Away With It?
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Regarding Andrew Sullivan's defense of the scientific facts on race and IQ,[Race And IQ. Again. Daily Dish, May 14, 2013], linked to by Steve below, I can say that this (modified limited) defense of the facts has always been Andrew Sullivan's position. He's been attacked for it since 1994. If you Google "Andrew Sullivan" Racist "Bell Curve" the screen below is what you get. 

One of them is from left-wing anti-think tank Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting in January, 1995, and the top one is from Gawker, today. (One is from a conservative blog.)

So the questions are "Why does he do this?" and "How does he get away with it?" I mean, the Heritage Foundation would fire him in a minute.

  1. A Reader's Guide to Andrew Sullivan's Defense of Race Science

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    Oct 17, 2005 – Is defending The Bell Curve an example of intellectual honesty? ... 26 post by Andrew Sullivan on his blog, which is worth quoting at length: ... science, or the same old Francis Galton-ish racism poured into fancy new casks.

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