And What Does Brad DeLong Think Of Larry Summers?
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Apropos of Steve Sailer's post about Rod Dreher's dangerous use of Brother Sailer's writing, and professional egghead Brad Delong's point-and-sputter response, one wonders what Delong thinks of his pal Lawrence Summers.

If DeLong is so exercised about Dreher and Sailer and the obvious observation that leftist evolutionists logically must believe that human biodiversity means you know what, then what did DeLong think of his former boss Summers' conclusion that women aren't as good at math and science as men? Would he call Summers a "sexist ****head" and "disgusting threat?"

DeLong's post is another example of the modern American left, which no longer hides its fanatical hatred of all who dispute its ideology, and expects its opponents to be punished without mercy.

And because DeLong, like all leftists, wants to make it personal, take a look at his his picture. Does anyone think that bloviating creampuff has the stones to say to the face of one of his targets what he writes on his blog in the safety of his university office?

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