And Then They Came for Two More Public Radio Oldsters
December 06, 2017, 06:07 PM
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From Salon:

Public-radio stars Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz suspended after sexual-misconduct claims

Following similar charges against ex-host John Hockenberry, two more WNYC personalities face allegations


12.06.2017•3:42 PM

Just two days after it was revealed the WNYC's John Hockenberry left his show, “The Takeaway” over claims of sexual harassment in August, two more staff members of the same public-radio organization are under fire in connection with sexual-misconduct allegations. Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz were suspended today after both staff members and guests of their radio shows said they were sexually harassed.

Who knew that public radio was a veritable hotbed of poorly specified sexual misconduct?
While details of any of the allegations against either broadcaster remain unrevealed at this time, Laura Walker, president and CEO of New York Public Radio said “NYPR is committed to taking all appropriate steps to ensure a respectful, equitable, inclusive and harassment-free workplace for everyone,” in announcement and that they take the allegations “very seriously.”

Lopate told the New York Times that he was “baffled” and “really quite shocked and upset” by the move. “It makes no sense to me,” he told the Times. “I am sure any honest investigation will completely clear me. That’s the only thing I’m concerned about — the damage to my reputation.”

Schwartz first debuted on local radio in 1958 playing a Sinatra song on WBAI, leading to him becoming the cultural authority on the singer and, more broadly, jazz and pop standards.

Lopate is 77, Schwartz 79.

How much of this is this clearing out elderly deadwood because there are younger people raring to move up?

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