And In Other News...LAPD Wants To Release Unlicensed Illegals
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Another American has been killed by an apparent illegal alien unlicensed driver. This one with four previous convictions for driving without a license.

SFGate February 26, 2012 by Nanette Asimov

Car Kills Woman Waiting Her Turn At Sonoma Zipline

The freak accident was the second time a county resident was killed by a car Friday.

Earlier, at about 8:30 a.m., a motorcycle driver was struck and killed on Highway 116 and Stony Point Road near Cotati when an unlicensed driver pulled out of a supermarket parking lot directly into his path. The Sonoma County coroner's office identified the motorcyclist as Glenn Richard Vierra, 58, of Santa Rosa.

The driver of the car was Jorge Figueroa, 33, of Cloverdale, said California Highway Patrol Officer Jon Sloat, who added that he was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license.

"The guy had four prior convictions for driving without a license," Sloat said.

Thanks ICE. You are always on the job.

And in other news Chief Charlie Beck still wants to release vehicles owned by illegal aliens without licenses:

PJMedia by Jack Dunphy February 23, 2012

Twisting LAPD Impound Policy to Favor Illegals

In two recent columns (here and here), I’ve discussed LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s proposal to change the department’s policy governing how officers deal with cars driven by unlicensed drivers.  Beck has maintained that impounding cars driven by unlicensed drivers, many of whom in Los Angeles are illegal immigrants, is “unfair.”  Under a previous version of his proposed new policy, officers would have been required to wait for a “reasonable period of time,” whatever that might mean, for the driver to summon a licensed driver to whom the car would be released.

Faced with a level of backlash he clearly did not expect, Beck has added further modifications to his proposal, including the requirements that a licensed driver be “immediately” available to take charge of a stopped car, and that the unlicensed driver show valid identification and proof of insurance.  Another requirement is that the unlicensed driver have no previous convictions for the same offense.  All of these conditions must be met before a car can be released.

These changes may sound reasonable on first reading, but further examination is warranted.  There will surely arise a question of the meaning of the word “immediately,” as will questions of what constitutes valid identification and proof of insurance.  Insurance papers are easily forged, and police officers in the field have no access to any database that would allow them to verify that a policy is in effect.  And Beck proposes that LAPD officers recognize Matricula Consular cards, issued by Mexican consulate offices in the United States, as valid identification.

Dead Americans keep piling up, yet law enforcement is on their side.


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