Anarcho-Tyranny In The UK: Welsh/Canadian Couple Broken Up
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Because of the kind of abuse of young women (forced marriages, honor killings) carried out by Pakistanis in Britain, the British Government has passed laws intended to prevent the importation of vulnerable child brides. These laws are now interfering with a perfectly normal marriage between a Canadian woman and Welshman.

A 19-year-old Canadian must wait two years before she can return to the United Kingdom to be reunited with her husband after a law meant to protect vulnerable young women from forced marriage helped tear them apart.

"It hasn't really set in, to be honest," Rochelle Wallis told CBC News at London's Heathrow Airport yesterday before boarding a flight to Calgary — without her 28-year-old Welsh husband, Adam Wallis. "I can imagine once it does, I'm going to be quite devastated."

The newlyweds have become the unintended victims of changes to British immigration law meant to discourage Britons and their families [Emphasis added]from bringing young, unwilling brides from overseas and forcing them into often abusive marriages.[Newlywed law keeps couple an ocean apart, by Joanna Smith, Toronto Star, September 10, 2009]

The laws are not about "Britons and their families," they're about Muslim immigrants and their families, some of who are natives of the British Isles, but are no more Britons than Liv Ullman, (who was born in Tokyo,) is Japanese.

The story actually says this, after that slip about Britons:

The British government passed the Forced Marriage Act in 2007 as a human rights measure, aimed at giving family and civil courts some power to protect thousands of young women — the majority from Pakistan and Bangladesh — from being married against their will.

One point for mentioning Pakistan and Bangladesh—minus two points for not mentioning Islam.

Anarcho-Tyranny was Sam Francis's term for the system of government that can always manage to take a gun away from a homeowner or convenience store clerk, but can't be bothered to jail a burglar or a robber, even if they can catch him. Britain is suffering from this as far as crime control is concerned, and it also applies to immigration: the bureaucrats who managed to tear apart a Welshman and a Canadian girl can't even be bothered to look at the paperwork of immigrants from Pakistan, the source of most of the terrorists and forced marriages in the UK:

Visa sham as just 29 out of 66,000 applicants from Pakistan interviewed despite supposed 'crackdown'

By Tim Shipman Daily Mail (UK) September 10, 2009

Home Secretary Alan Johnson is under fire after it was revealed only 29 out of 66,000 Pakistani immigration applicants were interviewed by officials

Home Secretary Alan Johnson is under fire after it was revealed only 29 out of 66,000 Pakistani immigration applicants were interviewed by officials

Visa checks on immigrants from Pakistan have been condemned as a sham.

Figures showed that just 29 out of 66,000 applicants were interviewed by officials since a 'rigorous new system' began operating last October.

The Home Office set up the 'hub and spoke' scheme last year to prevent terrorists, extremists, illegals and criminals from entering the UK.

The plan was to scrutinise candidates' paper work in the Middle East before they travelled to Britain.

But data has revealed that just one in a thousand of those granted visas was quizzed face to face.


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