An Update On My Bill O'Reilly Post Below
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If you read about the story of the immigrants who died in a fire in massively overcrowded house, you know that Bill O'Reilly has already been condemned by the David Brock machine for mentioning that illegal immigration is dangerous to everyone's health. NPR is in little danger from MediaMatters, though. Litterblog reports this:

I heard on NPR yesterday a follow-up story that was about how one of the fathers of some of the dead children was trying to return to Mali to bury them, but was having trouble because he couldn't get a visa. "That's strange," I thought, "Why wouldn't the Malians give him a visa?" It turns out that he was having trouble securing a return visa to the U.S. Again, I thought "how odd that they wouldn't give a visa to he grieving father." Finally, in the very last sentence of the story, as an aside, they pointed out that the father is an illegal immigrant. Thus his problem securing a visa; he's not here legally to begin with. If he leaves he would have to re-enter illegally. It was preposterous that NPR would leave such a vital fact to understanding the entire predicament of why he couldn't obtain a visa to be an aside mentioned in the last sentence, and is indicative of our deep denial about the problems that arise from our current stance on immigrants.Litterblog: Moral hazard and the fire in the Bronx

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