An Untaught Moment, Again
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I had to read Susan Christian Goulding's column about the murder of a 17 year-old in L.A. several times to see if I could follow the logic. I had a hard time but I think she was saying everybody racially profiles and white men spew like volcanoes but minorities "ever so mildly express sentiments" about bias. [Why does Lily Burk's senseless death affect me so deeply?, August 2, 2009 ]Yes, some of the radio talking heads do spew. Are all of them white? If racists spew from a pulpit, is that okay? Just wondering.

But back to the subject. . .in the context of the Gates/Crowley incident, the only volcano spewing was the Professor. Now, there was no audio attached to that photo of the good Prof that spread around the country but he did not appear to be "ever so mildly expressing sentiments." Gates was spewing. So, MS Goulding [Email her] asks, as an aside in parentheses, "(While we're on the topic, I'd be curious to know how many of these spewing volcanoes partied at college in all-white fraternities. . .and so on.)" Now, again, is she referring to the spewing Gates? and so on? or to the gentlemanly Crowley? and so on? (What do you suppose that, "and so on" means?)

I suspect that neither Gates nor Crowley went to all-white fraternities. Is that racial- and class-profiling?

So, what does the murder in L.A. have to do with Gates behaving like a jerk and Crowley behaving like a gentleman?

Maybe she was high on something. . . that's liberal profiling, for sure.

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