An Easter Greeting From Mexico
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March 22, 2008, 02:31 PM
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The crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ are foundational to the Christian faith. That`s why various branches of Christendom—through diverse cultural traditions—memorialize the death, burial and resurrection of Christ each spring.

Mexico has a variety of traditional Eastertime customs, many of them deriving from Spain, with others originating here.

Mexican schoolchildren get two weeks of vacation—the week preceding and the week following Easter Sunday .

Most Mexican universities, however, usually get just one week of vacation—Holy Week (the week preceding Easter). There are exceptions, such as the Catholic university in which I imparted a class last year.

For the past four semesters my main job has been teaching at a secular high school/university. (In Mexico a high school is sometimes part of a university). So I only have one week of vacation. My wife (who teaches in another high school) and children (a third-grader and a kindergarten student) have two weeks of vacation. So this past week, the family and I enjoyed a 4-day trip to another area of Mexico.

For more information on Eastertime customs in Mexico, you can read my article "Celebrating Eastertime in Mexico" which is located here .

I wish all my readers a Happy Easter, or, in the words of the traditional Mexican greeting: Â?Felices Pascuas de Resurrecci??n!