Amy Chua's Daughter Accepted By Harvard
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From AOL News:

It looks like the iron-fisted tiger mother's hard work paid off: Her 18-year-old daughter has been accepted at Harvard.

In contrast, deer dad Andrew Ferguson, author of Crazy U., didn't want to reveal where his son wound up after getting turned down by a lot of private colleges, so he just modestly called it Big State University. (It's easy to deduce from details in the book, however, that his BSU is one of the more prestigious of all public universities, but I won't violate the kid's privacy by naming it. Please don't bother posting guesses in the comments.)

Allow me to reiterate that it's basically nuts to publish a memoir in which your currently teenage children are major characters. Ferguson's version of his two kids is much less revealing than Chua's, but, still, don't do it.

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