Amnesty Opportunist Marco Rubio Says “Hasta la Vista, Suckers” — for Now
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How sweet it is to see one of the worst examples of Washington evil get squashed like a bug in his own state, a “humiliating Florida loss” where Little Marco got a measly 27 percent of primary votes while northerner Trump got an impressive 46 percent.

Take that, Amnesty Man! The people won’t forget lying and treason.

It serves Rubio right. After campaigning as a Tea Party guy, he went establishment as soon as he arrived in Washington as Senator where he immediately began planning for higher office. Rubio forgot about the people in Florida he was elected to serve. In fact, it was recently reported that the mayor of Tampa (the state’s third-largest city) Bob Buckhorn has not met the esteemed senator throughout his four years of serving as the city’s top official. Little Marco was too busy with his new friends in the Gang of Eight (shown below) to bother with carrying out expected duties for his state. The G8 scheming for massive amnesty promised a stepping stone to greater visibility, power and money.

Over in the radio universe, Rubio’s fake charm has always turned Rush Limbaugh’s brain to mush, and his election analysis on Wednesday was more of the same where Limbaugh thought the Senator’s final speech was good and “came from his heart.” Less charitable minds might regard Rubio’s wrapping himself in religion as an emotional smokescreen to cover his recent electoral failures. It was really over the top for him to remark, “It is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever.”

How about never? But Rubio has been the obedient pet of open-borders elites, so it’s doubtful they will throw him away after all this investment (for example, $20.3 million for March 15 primaries in five states).

Rubio has great talent in speaking conservative style, even when his actions verge on treason against America to satisfy his unlimited ambition.


Trump advisor Stephen Miller popped up the other day in a Shark Tank interview to remind us of how truly deeply wicked Rubio acted when he was involved with the Gang of Eight group. That bipartisan bunch worked behind closed doors to construct a huge amnesty bill that was filled with goodies for job thieves and actual criminals. Miller was an aide to America’s Senator Jeff Sessions and recently left to become a policy advisor to Donald Trump. Speaking of Senator Sessions, his list of 10 questions about the G8 bill is a nice reminder of the proposed law that was more a pack of lies than honest legislation.

Miller served in the front lines in the battle against amnesty and, as a result, has a rather low opinion of the Florida senator. The inside picture is even worse than what the public saw. Miller concludes that “Marco Rubio is a man for sale.” Devastating.

STEPHEN MILLER: People were imagining Rubio then in 2010 as the young Republican Obama, that he was going to be this young freshman senator who’s going to unite the conservative movement and be swept into the Oval Office. But instead his career went the opposite direction. Marco Rubio, instead of becoming the Republican Obama instead sought to become the Wall Street Obama, the donor Obama. He got to Washington D C and he aligned himself with all the big donors and special interests who are now funding his campaign.

And so we saw in 2010, everyone remembers, he ran against Charlie Crist and he hammered Crist for pushing amnesty, just hammered him for it. I remember I was watching as I said this Marco Rubio guy who really really doesn’t like amnesty, I mean he’s just attacking Charlie Crist for this amnesty thing. At the time I didn’t know — what you know, what many others know — about his record in the state house killing immigration enforcement bills and pushing in-state tuition for illegals. The national market didn’t really know that. But then after this no-amnesty pledge, the strangest thing happened, Senator Rubio got to Washington DC in 2012, he started pushing the DREAM Act, the same bill that he attacked Charlie Crist for pushing.

And then in 2013 he changed the course of American history forever and the history of his own career when he joined the Gang of Eight with Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and all, secretly guided by Barack Obama. That forever changed the treachery of his career because remember, Barack Obama was a progressive’s progressive. Progressives love Obama because he always stood up for progressive values. What happened when Rubio chose to join the Gang of Eight is he abandoned the Republican base and instead worked for the donors, and this is an important distinction. Obama’s power base was always the progressive voters. Progressives always understood that Obama was on their side. But when Rubio joined the Gang of Eight, he cut ties with the conservative movement and joined the donor movement and became friends with people like Larry Ellison and Paul Singer of the Chamber of Commerce and Mark Zuckerberg and all the other big CEOs funding his big immigration efforts and that created in an irreparable separation from the conservative movement which played out across this whole cycle.

And so what you’ve seen is the unraveling of Senator Rubio’s campaign because nobody in the conservative movement trusts him any more, and trust is an asset that once spent can never come back. When you lose his people’s trust, you can never get it back — very rarely, occasionally it can happen, but he didn’t just violate trust in a small way, he violated it in the most dramatic way imaginable, because remember when he pushed the Gang of Eight bill, he was on your TV screen every single day telling you how great the bill was and how important the bill was and how wonderful the bill was. And everything about the bill was a lie. Everything about the bill was a lie day after day after day after day. Marco Rubio fought hard harder for Barack Obama’s amnesty than Barack Obama fought for Barack Obama’s amnesty.

Think about that for a second, really think about that. Who did you see more on TV in 2013 pushing amnesty? Marco Rubio or Barack Obama? Marco Rubio. I spent seven years working for Senator Jeff Sessions and Senator Jeff Sessions led the fight against Rubio’s immigration bill. And we saw up close and personal just how much Senator Rubio betrayed the American people on immigration. A good example of this is that I was working with, and as you mentioned Senator Jeff Sessions has endorsed Donald Trump, and I’m now Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor and after that Sessions ended up endorsing Donald Trump for president, and I was with Senator Sessions during the Gang of Eight fight and I remember, just to cite one example, there was an ICE officer, Chris Crane, who was the union president, he represented all the ICE officers, so he was an active-duty ICE officer but he was also the ICE National Council President and he wanted to meet with Marco Rubio on behalf of all the nation’s ICE officers.

And we tried and we tried and we tried to get Chris Crane a meeting, and Senator Rubio just would not meet with the law enforcement officers. Think about that for a second. Senator Rubio refused categorically to meet with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, even as he was meeting with the White House and with various immigration special interests. And that tells you a lot about the man’s character or lack of character, and he eventually on the night before the ball dropped met with Chris Crane only because Mike Huckabee called and pleaded with Marco Rubio — Mike Huckabee had to beg Marco Rubio to meet with Chris Crane. And then Rubio proceeded to ignore everything that the ICE officers said and introduced the bill with no changes, having said he would listen to him he said the opposite, and betrayed him just like he betrayed the people of Florida.

But we learned about Rubio’s character during this time and I remember that Senator Rubio was pitching the bill behind closed doors to the Republican conference, and making a series of false claims. I remember attending one meeting where Senator Rubio was pitching a bill to Republican lawmakers and everything he said in the meeting about that bill was false. Everything! And he just said it shamelessly. So it wasn’t just in public — in private meetings he was misrepresenting the bill over and over and over and over again. It came to the point where there was nothing he wouldn’t say to say to pass the bill. There’s nothing! He was a man obsessed, and so now when he talks about the bill he makes it seem like some kind of casual effort — he was a man possessed. I’ve never seen in Washington anybody fight harder for anything that he fought for that bill. He was relentless in pushing it. Barack Obama had never pushed this hard for amnesty as Marco Rubio did. And Barack Obama is the most pro-amnesty president we’ve ever had. That says something about Marco Rubio.

Here’s another part of the interview where Miller remarks, “Marco Rubio has done more to try and cement the president’s legacy than any Democrat in Congress has. . . I believe the Marco Rubio lacks principle and lacks conviction and lacks honesty, and is someone who has pursued the ambition of the Presidency to the exclusion of every other personal and moral consideration. . . Marco Rubio is a man for sale.”
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