Americans, Your New Responsibility
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To pay for the medical treatment of Mexicans, not just those who are here illegally, but also those who have already been deported.

San Francisco Chronicle December 7, 2011 by E. J. Tamara, Associated Press

Man On Dialysis Deported, Then Let Back In US

A Mexican man who was deported while undergoing dialysis will be allowed back in the country on humanitarian grounds.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Wednesday they have granted humanitarian parole to 43-year-old Francisco Cortez Lopez. He was removed from the country in November and has spent the last three weeks in Tijuana.

Immigration officials say a judge issued a voluntary departure order for Cortez in 1998 but he failed to leave the country.

ICE officials say authorities arrested Cortez last month and offered him an opportunity to be released under an order of supervision so he could complete his treatment and arrange for follow-up care in Mexico but he declined.

Of course, why cooperate when you can demand better treatment.

Cortez and his attorney, Meredith Brown, say he wasn't given the choice.

I am certain that is a lie, but equally shocking. Whose responsibility is it to provide free medical care to Mexican citizens? Mexico or the United States? And why are we rewarding someone who openly and flagrantly reneged on an agreement to leave voluntarily. The arrogance of these criminals is beyond belief.

And, of course, once this treatment is finished, he will not go back to Mexico. He will remain, again defying any agreement to leave, if ICE conditioned this parole at all, which is unlikely. He will remain at least for another 10 years illegally. It is clear that ICE has no interest in enforcing American law, but aiding and abetting aliens to remain illegally.



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