AMERICAN PATROL'S Glenn Spencer On Securing The Border: “We Don't Need A Wall—We Need The Will!”
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Donald Trump suffers from the same frustration that troubles most Americans—why can't we secure the border? It's been thirty years since Reagan signed the IRCA 86 that granted amnesty and promised a secure border—but the border is still a sieve.

Seeing all the failed attempts, it is understandable that Trump would yell out—“just build a damn wall!” The people feel the same way, and they responded positively.

What Trump and his supporters don't understand is that the border is insecure—not because the job can't be done with the usual methodologies—but because there are people inside our government who do not want it secured.

The same subversive forces that illegally killed Proposition 187 in California, are at work in our government to kill border security.

Ten years ago the Bush Administration announced the Strategic Border Initiative that included a virtual fence.

My response was: “Nowhere does SBI spell out a goal that can be measured. This is all of the same nonsense we have seen for years. The program will be run by open borders people at DHS/CBP and will accomplish absolutely nothing except lull the people into a false sense of security.”

I was right, and after spending one billion dollars, the program was cancelled.

Bush also signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, and I predicted subversive forces would try to stop it as well.

To prove this, I launched Operation B.E.E.F.

Sure enough, they didn't build the fence as promised, and Sen. Dole used Operation BEEF to stop amnesty.

As a former systems engineer, I knew that we needed a border metric to guide decisions. I worked to find a way of counting everyone who crosses the border.

In 2010, I found one and showed it to members of the Arizona State Legislature.

Last year I was awarded a patent for what is now called SEIDARM.

I didn't invent SEIDARM to make money (I will give it away)—I invented it to save America—and it would do the job.

Can you imagine the headline? "Arizona man secures patent for new border security technology!" Can you imagine why that headline never happened? That's right—they don't want you to know about it.

Donald Trump thinks our border is insecure because we haven't tried the right approach. He doesn't understand that our border is not secure because the people in charge want it that way. These people got there through years of subversive infiltration, and it will take a massive effort to dislodge them.

gotrumpLast year I flew an airplane along the border with “Go Trump” painted on the bottom of the wing—a picture of which showed up on the front page of the Washington Post.

I did this because I got a promise from the Trump campaign that a representative would be attending a demonstration of my technology. That never happened.

No major newspaper in America will mention me or my work. The mainstream media are run by open-borders globalists, and they do not like the idea that I know what they are up to.

I have been blocked from the media using the well-known tactics of Saul Alinsky as he outlined in Rules for Radicals—“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

I was long ago picked as a target and demonized by the globalists.

A couple of years ago one state senator had the temerity to mention that I had technology that Arizona might want to look it. He was met with this headline: “Lawmaker supports giving tax dollars to alleged hate leader.”

Politicians have learned not to even mention my name. When I tried to approach the Cruz campaign last year, an elected official told me that the head of the Arizona Cruz campaign said I “was toxic.” I am toxic alright—to the globalists.

Is it any wonder then that the Trump organization never found the time to visit my border ranch and learn the truth about my technology and what was really going on with border security? They know the game.

There are solutions to our border problems, but it involves a thorough housecleaning of subversive bureaucrats in Washington—not a wall. I am still not sure if Mr. Trump understands this.

After fourteen years on the border I have learned that, unless something changes, real border solutions will never see the light of day because adherents to Saul Alinsky will make sure of it.

In a sense, Saul Alinsky is the architect of our border security since his techniques are used to limit solutions to those that are acceptable to globalists.

I hope Mr. Trump understands this before he gives his immigration speech tomorrow.

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