American Generosity Abused in Organ Transplants
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Among the most insufferable do-gooders are those in the healthcare profession, who believe their high social status enables them to redesignate their extreme liberal views as medical ethics. One serious area of disengagement from normal morality is their belief that criminals (including prisoners and illegal aliens) should receive organ transplants. Not only are these procedures very expensive, there are never enough donated organs to supply the need, so every organ given to a criminal means a law-abiding person does not get one.

One recent example was a 21-year-old illegal alien about to receive her fourth liver transplant: Million-Dollar Mexican Medical Moocher. In 2003, illegal alien teen Jesica Santillan received two sets of heart-lung transplants after her parents smuggled her into this country for free medical care. The surgeon at Duke University Hospital inserted a heart and lungs with the wrong blood type, and she died after the second set failed to remedy the mistake. (Interestingly, the parents refused to donate the salvageable organs they had received.)

A couple days ago, the LA Times reported scandalous organ transplants for known foreign criminals: Four Japanese gang figures received livers at UCLA. The article noted that in each year between 2000 and 2004, "more than 100 patients died awaiting liver transplants in the greater Los Angeles region." Here is today's update about the surgery done for yakuza criminal Tadamasa Goto:

A powerful Japanese gang boss who received a liver transplant at UCLA Medical Center donated $100,000 to the Westwood hospital shortly after the surgery, The Times has learned.

A plaque dated November 2001 at the entryway to a seventh-floor surgery office reads, "In grateful recognition of the Goto Research Fund established through the generosity of Mr. Tadamasa Goto."

UCLA confirmed the amount of the donation Friday. Law enforcement sources say Goto, 65, is the leader of the ruthless Goto-gumi gang. He received a transplant at UCLA in July 2001, The Times reported Thursday. He made his donation less than three months later. [...]

"If you want to destroy public support for organ donation on the part of Americans, you'd be hard pressed to think of a practice that would be better suited," said Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania. [After livers, cash to UCLA, LA Times, May 31, 2008]

Yep, the big fear is that the suckers will quit signing up to donate their organs. It would kill off the golden goose for elite specialists who do transplant operations.

For some PC MD BS, see DukeHealth's Jesica Santillan: What We Learned. (Of course there is no mention of her immigraton status.)

One of the sad facts of organ transplantation is that there are simply not enough organs available to save everyone who needs a transplant. Because too few Americans become organ donors, 17 people die every day waiting for transplants that never happen.
See, it's Americans' fault again!

And if you have an organ donation card in your wallet, give serious thought to tearing it up.

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