America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Has Formulated a Republican Strategy for Immigration
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Jeff Sessions has returned to the Senate from his uncontested re-election with his continuing tireless defense of American workers from the open-borders billionaires looking for cheaper labor.

He is also focused on honing the Republican message regarding immigration, judging from his recent 25-page paper, The Immigration Handbook for the New Republican Majority.

In his paper, Sessions argued against Senate Leader Mitch McConnells approach of governing to show the public that Republicans dont have horns, which sounds a little squishy to many:

We are told we need to focus on governing in order to set the stage for 2016. But as Jeffrey Anderson with the Weekly Standard reminds us, there is no more central act of governing than defending our founding charter. Elections are not the end, but the means to the end. Why were we elected if not to protect our constituents and their Constitution? Why are we here if not to serve the citizens who sent us here?

Like many of Sessions floor speeches, the paper is well referenced and full of facts. Topics covered include the enforcement collapse and the Silicon Valley STEM hoax, plus excessive immigrations effects on the welfare state and the economy.

The Republicans are holding a joint retreat in Hershey PA and the Sessions paper is meant to guide thinking, messaging and strategy. His staff hand-delivered the piece to members of Congress on Monday.

Finally, Senator Sessions took to the floor this week to blast the administration for its refusal to enforce visa laws to keep dangerous people out of the United States:

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