America's New Map
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A new Census report is out and the results are in: the tsunami of foreigners, led by illegal immigration, is overwhelming the historic American population. For example, several counties in Texas have less than 5 percent white population, south of the Mexican-Dixon line.

Whites are now in the minority in nearly one in 10 U.S. counties.

And that increased diversity, fueled by immigration and higher birth rates among blacks and Hispanics, is straining race relations and sparking a backlash against immigrants in many communities.

"There's some culture shock," said Mark Mather of the Population Reference Bureau, a Washington-based research agency. "But I think there is a momentum building, and it is going to continue." [Whites Now Minority in 1 in 10 Counties, Associated Press 8/9/07]

Of course, it's not increased births among black citizens that is adding to "diversity" — the extreme transformation being wrought in the American nation is caused by the demographic warfare being waged via immigration against the current citizenry by Mexicans and others.

Immigration has spread from traditional gateways of southwestern border states and New York to all over the nation at a speed that has terrified many citizen communities with the rapidity by which a town may be swamped by illegal foreigners. For example, Luzerne County Pennsylvania (home to Hazleton) has experienced a tripling of Hispanics since 2000.

This being an Associated Press story, the boo hooey flows like a mighty river. Note how a US-born Hispanic complains that she feels unwelcome even as she works treasonously for an anti-borders, anti America organization. Perhaps there is a connection...

"I think across the board all of us feel like we're not welcome," said Jacinto, who was born in the U.S. and volunteers for an advocacy group called Mexicans Without Borders.

Prince William County has seen its Hispanic population more than double since 2000, to nearly 70,000 last year. Non-Hispanic whites account for a little more than half the population, down from about two-thirds in 2000. [...]

"I don't think Latinos or any other so-called minority group are seeking to make white people a minority," Jacinto said. "It's just a reality."

The article also recites the now-outdated statistic that "By 2050, minorities will account for half of U.S. residents." Obviously the demographic reversal will be much sooner than mid-century unless our borders are shut down soon, and many of the residents will be loyal to foreign nations that are historic enemies of America, Mexico in particular.

Immigration — it's the new way of war.

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