America Disappoints Mexican Dreamers — So Tragic!
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The disillusioned-Mexicans-going-home theme has recently become a popular (aka easy-to-write) story in the MSM, particularly in light of the cratering economy. Many versions contain the implication that the United States has somehow failed to keep its promise to foreign wealth seekers. (Funny, I thought the American Dream was for citizens whose ancestors built the place and legal newcomers — not Mexican carpetbaggers.)

This mildly downbeat retread is notable for a couple of illustrative quotes and statistics: [Crisis, crackdown turn Mexicans off American dream, Reuters, October 15, 2008].

ACATZINGO, Mexico — Caught by the U.S. economic crisis and a crackdown on illegal immigrants, Mexican workers are increasingly quitting the United States and coming home, disillusioned with the American dream. [...]

"It's better to be poor back in Mexico than to be a hamster in its cage up there," Martinez said. Illegal immigrants in some cases can now expect lengthy prison sentences for breaking U.S. immigration laws. [...]

In the town of Tenancingo, which governs the villages of Acatzingo, Terranate and Tepalcatepec, mayor Gabriel Gallegos estimates that as much as a third of the 100,000 people from the town and surrounding villages are in the United States.

He jokes that in Delaware his constituents have settled "another Tenancingo," but he is worried the U.S. slowdown could send many people packing for home.

"If they all come back in a bunch, it is going to bring on a lot of economic problems, because we don't have jobs for them," Gallegos said. "Some who come back turn to crime."

Next story: how increased crime in Mexico is the fault of hard-hearted America.

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