Amazingly Wrongheaded Anti-Racist Feminist
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I found this item via Glaivester who writes "Racist police are apparently also sexist, because they kill a lot more black men than black women." He's being sarcastic, but the feminist blog he's linking to is not. It's for real—see the comments that say things like "But also kyriarchy, right?" (This is a real word.)

Police murders of men of color are a feminist issue

There’s been a fair amount of discussion of whether or not police murders of men of color are a feminist issue.

I’ve always thought they are, but for a different reason than I’ve seen described in the recent discussions. It’s because the police are sexist in how they act out their racism; although both women and men of color are murdered by racist police, the police disproportionately single out men of color to kill.


I would bet a dollar that the woman who wrote that owns a T-shirt saying she's a member of the "Reality-Based Community" but she apparently has no connection with Planet Earth. I mean, I've written columns to say that men are stronger and more dangerous than women, that blacks are very dangerous to police, rather than the other way around, and that life is not like that, but the simplest explanation of this situation comes from Charles Murray, who remarked on "the male propensity to produce an overwhelming proportion of the world's crime and approximately 100 percent of its wars. " He added "But this is just one more of the ways in which science is demonstrating that men and women are really and truly different, a fact so obvious that only intellectuals could ever have thought otherwise."

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