"Almost Laughably Symbolic"—On Cinco De Mayo, Elites And Immigrants Poised To Urinate On The Entire Country
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Reading the piece on Derbyshire's new book I followed the hyperlinks to Peter Brimelow’s piece Bill Buckley, Chris Buckley, And The American Conservative Movement's Missing Second Act [June 3, 2009], in which he wrote

The fascinating news that the ageing William F. Buckley, beset by bladder problems, developed the habit of opening the door of his moving limousine and urinating into passing traffic—revealed by his son, Christopher Buckley in Losing Mum and Pup, his unsparing memoir of his just-deceased parents' final year—is almost laughably symbolic.

I had seen Buckley on national TV, arrogantly slouched in his chair in rumpled clothing, picking his nose for all to see—but his limousine stunt is even more disgusting and shocking. I recall reading that the elites who stay at the ultra-private resort called Bohemian Grove (which includes Kissinger and his ilk) also delight in public urinating—in this case on the trunks of giant trees.

 I suppose this act is symbolic of the attitude that they are above society's rules and standards and can do as they damn well please.

 Curiously, there is another group with the same propensity—Mexicans. In California, I recall seeing a Mexican come out the front door of a house and promptly turn and urinate on the front wall of the house in broad daylight, in full view of anyone on the street. Indeed, this behavior is so common in Mexico that a Mexican artist designed a sculpture/urinal to be installed on public walls.

So perhaps it is not surprising that the elites are so eager to Mexifornicate the entire country—they are kindred spirits. With the Gang of Eight bill, the elites and Mexicans are poised to urinate on the entire country.

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