All Cheddar Is Not Created Equal
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Driving to work the other day, I heard a remarkable ad on the radio for Cabot cheese (click on "Cheddars Are The Same")

The interviewer poses a series of questions: "All women are the same." "All nationalities are the same." And so on. The interviewees respond that of course, not all these things are the same. And neither, says the interviewer, is our delicious cheddar cheese, which is clearly better than the other brands!

Advertising has always fascinated me, and I suspect that sometimes ad men sometimes sneak a little subervision into their pitches. Yes, most advertising today is solidly politically correct, with improbably racially mixed groupings, the clueless white man who needs to be straightened out by the cool black woman, and so on. But other stuff, like the GEICO cavemen, is hilarious.

And this exception, from an apparently Ben-and-Jerry's like cheese concern, was deliciously sharp. Is someone on Madison Avenue starting to question "equality"?

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