African Immigrant And US Ambassador In Financial Scandal
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February 11, 2010, 04:28 AM
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From the blog RiehlWorldView:

Arrest Made In Case Against Former Obama Appointee Zeitln

Heckuva job, Barry. You sure can pick `em. They haven`t even flushed him down  the memory hole at the WH site. Anyway, here`s the cached version from when Obama nominated him: Jide Zeitlin, Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations for U.N. Management and Reform, with the rank of Ambassador.[More]

Note that the Ambassador himself hasn`t been arrested—he may have diplomatic immunity, and isn`t necessarily guilty of anything, but it`s enough of a scandal to make him withdraw. Here`s what the Indian news agency has to say:
Cops arrest American diplomat`s employee

Tue, Feb 9 01:15 PM

Lucknow, Feb. 9 — The Uttar Pradesh police on Monday made the first arrest in a fraud case against a US telecom infrastructure firm run by American diplomat JDJ Zeitlin.

The police arrested Prem Bajpai, one of the six accused, in Lucknow for his alleged involvement in the Rs 5 crore fraud case. Zeitlin is the main accused in the matter.

He was chairman of a Gurgaon-based company called Independent Mobile Infrastructure Private Ltd. In Lucknow, a case of cheating and dishonesty was lodged by a group of 16 telecom contractors because they were allegedly not paid by the company for construction work.[More]

And who is Jide Zeitlin? He`s a graduate of the Milton Academy in Massachusetts, which recently had a press release saying President Obama Nominates Jide Zeitlin '81 to Key Administration Post, and also Amherst, where he`s on the board, and, oh, yes, he`s a partner at Goldman Sachs.

But although he`s presumably an American citizen, adopted at age 5 by an American family, he`s a native of Nigeria.

Which would make him an unusual choice to represent the United States to the United Nations, but that`s the kind of choice the Obama administration keeps making.