African Immigrant And US Ambassador In Financial Scandal
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From the blog RiehlWorldView:

Arrest Made In Case Against Former Obama Appointee Zeitln

Heckuva job, Barry. You sure can pick 'em. They haven't even flushed him down  the memory hole at the WH site. Anyway, here's the cached version from when Obama nominated him: Jide Zeitlin, Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations for U.N. Management and Reform, with the rank of Ambassador.[More]

Note that the Ambassador himself hasn't been arrested—he may have diplomatic immunity, and isn't necessarily guilty of anything, but it's enough of a scandal to make him withdraw. Here's what the Indian news agency has to say:
Cops arrest American diplomat's employee

Tue, Feb 9 01:15 PM

Lucknow, Feb. 9 — The Uttar Pradesh police on Monday made the first arrest in a fraud case against a US telecom infrastructure firm run by American diplomat JDJ Zeitlin.

The police arrested Prem Bajpai, one of the six accused, in Lucknow for his alleged involvement in the Rs 5 crore fraud case. Zeitlin is the main accused in the matter.

He was chairman of a Gurgaon-based company called Independent Mobile Infrastructure Private Ltd. In Lucknow, a case of cheating and dishonesty was lodged by a group of 16 telecom contractors because they were allegedly not paid by the company for construction work.[More]

And who is Jide Zeitlin? He's a graduate of the Milton Academy in Massachusetts, which recently had a press release saying President Obama Nominates Jide Zeitlin '81 to Key Administration Post, and also Amherst, where he's on the board, and, oh, yes, he's a partner at Goldman Sachs.

But although he's presumably an American citizen, adopted at age 5 by an American family, he's a native of Nigeria.

Which would make him an unusual choice to represent the United States to the United Nations, but that's the kind of choice the Obama administration keeps making.

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