African American Mayor Tells Police Not To Chase Criminals, Even On Foot
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The above headline  "African American Mayor Tells Police Not To Chase Criminals, Even On Foot" is not the headline on the item that I first saw this on, or the AP/Charleston Post and Courier story about Mayor Sallie Peake rescinding this policy after it was criticized, but there's some really excellent video of the interview with Mayor Peake below which makes it clear:
But when we asked Peake about her order impeding an officer from stopping a crime in progress, she became defensive and irate. The conversation went as follows: Reporter: “Are you telling your officers if they witness a crime - they witness someone commit a crime on someone else and they’re ten yards away - they can’t go stop that person?“ Peake: “Is that in there?“ (referring to policy) Reporter: “It says no chases whatsoever.“ Peake: “Well, that’s what I said, no chases, didn’t I? I didn’t say nothing about a crime. If you see a crime, this that and the other -“ Reporter: “Well, that’s what a chase is - “ Peake: “Well, I told them no chase on foot, and (the police chief) know exactly what I mean, so you’re trying to twist what I -“ Reporter: “No, I’m not. You said no chases. No chases means no chases.“ Peake: (claps hands) “You got you a story, thank God! You are so sweet! You got you a story on a woman in Wellford! Hallelujah! I’m so proud of you, Mr. Cato!“
Chris Cato Interviews Wellford Mayor Sallie Peake About a New Chase Policy

Mayor Peake was apparently concerned that the program would be edited to make her look bad, so the above is the full thing.

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