African American Mayor Tells Police Not To Chase Criminals, Even On Foot
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September 28, 2009, 07:55 PM
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The above headline  "African American Mayor Tells Police Not To Chase Criminals, Even On Foot" is not the headline on the item that I first saw this on, or the AP/Charleston Post and Courier story about Mayor Sallie Peake rescinding this policy after it was criticized, but there`s some really excellent video of the interview with Mayor Peake below which makes it clear:
But when we asked Peake about her order impeding an officer from stopping a crime in progress, she became defensive and irate. The conversation went as follows: Reporter: “Are you telling your officers if they witness a crime - they witness someone commit a crime on someone else and they’re ten yards away - they can’t go stop that person?“ Peake: “Is that in there?“ (referring to policy) Reporter: “It says no chases whatsoever.“ Peake: “Well, that’s what I said, no chases, didn’t I? I didn’t say nothing about a crime. If you see a crime, this that and the other -“ Reporter: “Well, that’s what a chase is - “ Peake: “Well, I told them no chase on foot, and (the police chief) know exactly what I mean, so you’re trying to twist what I -“ Reporter: “No, I’m not. You said no chases. No chases means no chases.“ Peake: (claps hands) “You got you a story, thank God! You are so sweet! You got you a story on a woman in Wellford! Hallelujah! I’m so proud of you, Mr. Cato!“
Chris Cato Interviews Wellford Mayor Sallie Peake About a New Chase Policy

Mayor Peake was apparently concerned that the program would be edited to make her look bad, so the above is the full thing.