Affirmatively Furthering Population Transfers to Elect More Democrats
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From the New York Times:

Go Midwest, Young Hipster If you really want Democrats to win in Iowa, move there. By ALEC MacGILLIS OCT. 22, 2016
Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration has been waging war on Dubuque, Iowa to get local officials to take surplus blacks off the hands of blue state Illinois and convert purple state Iowa to permanently blue.
… That hyper-concentration of Democratic votes has long hurt the party in the House and state legislatures. In Ohio, for instance, Republicans won 75 percent of the United States House seats in 2012 despite winning only 51 percent of the total votes. That imbalance can be explained partly by Republican gerrymandering. But even if district lines were drawn in rational, nonpartisan ways, a disproportionate share of Democratic votes would still be clustered in urban districts, giving Republicans a larger share of seats than their share of the overall vote. Winning back control of state legislatures in Pennsylvania and Michigan could help Democrats in redistricting after 2020. But it would help more if their voters were not so concentrated in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Detroit and Ann Arbor.

“It would be awfully difficult to construct a map that wasn’t leaning Republican,” said the University of Michigan political scientist Jowei Chen. “Geography is just very unfortunate from the perspective of the Democrats.”

Obviously, one reason for this is that white people are more likely to vote Democratic the more their fertility is restricted by crowding together. But that puts high proportions of white Democrats in a small number of urban districts.

This is one reason for the Democrats’ Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing plan for population transfers. The Democrats are damaged by the Voting Rights Act demanding districts gerrymandered elect blacks and Hispanics, because that means Republican legislators can pack large numbers of Democrats into a limited number of districts, all in the name of Racial Justice. But the Democrats can’t publicly call for repeal of this black and Hispanic privilege in the sacred Voting Rights Act.

What the Democrats want to do, therefore, is to have taxpayers and home buyers subsidize the Democrats’ racial minorities moving to suburban, exurban, and small city districts, where they will still vote Democratic.

Also, by ethnically cleansing high crime groups from downtown, AFFH will encourage more whites to move downtown where they will marry later and have fewer children and thus vote Republican less.

By the way, in Chicago, where the Democrats’ population transfer policy has been most blatant, 48 people were shot this autumnal weekend.

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