Affirmative Action Alert!'s Ammunition Depot
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Supreme Court

Current Supreme Court. Anti-White Legislators Sotomayor, Breyer, Kagan and Bader Ginsberg not visually identifiable.

The Left is having apoplexy over the decision over by the nation’s controlling Legislative body –quite erroneously called the Supreme Court – to take up Affirmative Action:

…re-entering the fray after more than 30 years of settled law on the issue, the newly energized conservative court majority has signaled that it may be willing to unsettle much of that law…a new and far more conservative court majority may be prepared to reverse or severely cut back on more than three decades of precedent dealing with affirmative action in college and university admissions.
Supreme Court Wades Into Affirmative Action Issue by Nina Totenberg February 21, 2012

It comes as a jolt to realize that a number of our most able and energetic contributors were not born when the initial battles on Affirmative Action were joined, and lost. Peter Brimelow has written

At one time, I regarded affirmative action as the key wedge issue in American politics. When I worked for Senator Orrin Hatch in 1979-1980, I put enough stuff into the Congressional Record under his name to ensure (probably) that he could never be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. (Hatch subsequently abandoned the issue.) I think my intuition was confirmed by Stanley Greenberg's finding (see below) that quotas were a major factor costing the Democrats blue-collar support in the 1984 election
Invisible Victims: White Males and the Crisis of Affirmative Action Revisited Another prominent Republican leader who fled the field - wrecking a different reform effort half a generation later - was discussed for us by Peter Bradley in Newt Gingrich—GOP’s Anti-White Quota King.

Shamefully, until today’s news, the main AA developments at the Federal level have been Obamacrat expansionism, as Steve Sailer documented in Obama’s Racial Redistributionism Opens Up Affirmative Action Issue—But GOP Too Cowardly (Again) To Benefit. has an extensive store of weapons for the Affirmative Action war. One way to access our selection is here, another here.

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