Adios, "Land of Lincoln"? ¿Hola, inmigrantes ilegales?
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Shortly before the Illinois House recently voted to approve driving privileges for illegal aliens, Rep. Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago) urged his colleagues in Spanish, "Never forget."

"I ask you today, don't forget where you come from. It's from the families of immigrants," Acevedo said. "This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants who came to this country looking for opportunity."

Like all those who aid and abet illegals Acevedo, who introduced this legislation, was attempting to blur the distinction between legal immigrants and those who openly show their contempt for our laws and sovereignty, [Immigrant driver bill approved by House, by Monique Garcia, Chicago Tribune, March 29, 2007] Yes, Illinoisans must never forget that they have been sold out by their "law makers" in Springfield [PDF]and the various law enforcement agencies sworn to uphold the law, including the gutless Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Should the Illinois Senate also approve this bill, there is no doubt that the state's leading defender of illegal aliens, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will sign it because he thinks Illinoisans are stupid enough to believe their roads will be "safer" even though he and Mr. Acevedo don't believe it themselves. This vote was not about making illegals good drivers by requiring them to receive the necessary drivers education and to purchase the required auto insurance, and both pandering politicians know it. Their agenda is quite different from that of the ordinary taxpayer whose hard-earned money is used to provide services to Illinois' estimated 500,000 illegal aliens. What Illinoisans also must not forget is that their state, already a major magnet for illegals because of jobs, instate tuition and acceptance of Mexico's matricula consular ID card, will become even more so if illegals are given driving privileges. Perhaps it is time for Secretary of State Jesse White (call him, toll free), who has chosen to remain "neutral" on this issue, to consider removing "Land of Lincoln" from the state's license plates and replacing it with "Illegal alien-friendly."

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