ACSL: Doing a job other Americans will not.
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The very valuable but hugely time-consuming task of surveying and consolidating the avalanche of highly articulate rage sweeping the blogosphere about the Senate's immigration atrocity seems to have been assumed by A Certain Slant of Light. In some ways this is a pity because ACSL is highly articulate itself :

Fact is, our government is doing its damnest right now to put one over on us and to turn its back on the overwhelming majority of everyday Americans who, first and foremost, want our land borders secured and the human invasion from the south stopped, and, secondly, as all the polls indicate, will not abide amnesty for illegals, no matter how it is cleverly camouflaged

But its proprietor has grasped a profound truth:

You’re far more apt to find the honest-to-goodness truth (so needed presently) about the underpinnings of the immigration reform debate in the United States Senate (and of the jaded interest groups fueling it and the tawdry street protests amplifying it) from bloggers, than from reading sympathetic, liberal, mainstream media

It takes a particularly fine quality of patriotism to focus on promoting the work of others in a provocative crisis like this. In an earlier post ACSL rightly draws attention to a very useful Q&A on Illegal Immigration.

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