ABSIMILATION IN ACTION: Rushdie Stab Suspect Born Here, Visited Lebanon, Returned Radicalized
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The Daily Mail has answered Ann Coulter’s question: “Why the f--k is Hadi Matar in my country?” Answer: He was born here and landed in New Jersey after living in California.

The Mail did say where Hadi Matar was born, but did elaborate on his youth:

Matar was born in the US to Lebanese parents who emigrated from the southern border town of Yaroun, a stronghold of the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah.

He grew up and went to school in Cudahy, California, before his mom divorced his father Hassan Matar in 2004, her ex-husband returning to the Middle East while she moved to New Jersey for a fresh start.

It was on a trip to Lebanon in 2018 to visit his father that Hadi changed from a popular, loving son to a moody introvert.

[Exclusive: Distraught mother of alleged Iranian sympathizer accused of trying to murder Salman Rushdie says her son returned home as religious zealot after a month-long trip to the Middle East and says he is ‘responsible for his actions,’ by Ben Ashford, August 14, 2022]

Matar is yet another example of absimilation, John Derbyshire’s word to describe immigrants and their children who become less assimilated and more alienated the longer they are here.

As for Rushdie, he will be permanently disfigured if he loses an eye, and might suffer permanent nerve damage [Iran-sympathizer, 24, who stabbed Salman Rushdie, 75, at NY literary fair pleads NOT GUILTY to attempted murder and assault as author remains on a ventilator and faces losing an eye, by Emma James, August 13, 2022].

But remember, diversity is our strength!



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