A Thought Experiment - and a little hope
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Still digesting the information that the leftist Pro Publica new story incubation outfit is getting $10,000,000 a year from Minority Mortgage Meltdown beneficiaries Herb and Marion Sandler (see definitive discussion 5 minutes into this) I checked into my friend’s The Kvetcher’s blog — for, I am ashamed to admit, the first time in a couple of weeks.

I find he is away:

Running away (for a couple of weeks) with The Zionists September 6, 2009

I’m off tomorrow morning for the J Bloggers convention.

This J bloggers Convention is something to contemplate:

Session 1C

Defending Israel Through Social Media Tools… Will not be webcast or recorded. Space is Limited…

5:30 -6:45 First Panel: Jewish 2.0 Social Media and the Future of the Jewish Community

8:00 -8-45 Keynote Speaker: Defending Israel Online

Let's try a Thought Experiment:

WN bloggers Convention

Session 1C Defending White America Through Social Media Tools

5:30 — 6:45 First Panel American 2.0 Social Media and the Future of White America…

8:00 -8-45 Keynote Speaker: Defending White America Online

Location: Where? Where could it even be held?

Paid for by: Whom?

Why not?

More pleasantly, The Kvetcher reported

Editor of the NY Affiliated Nods to Muslim Immigration Concerns Aug 24 2009

The Jewish Week is not the largest Jewish periodical of American Jewry, nor is it the best newspaper serving our community. It’s editor, Gary Rosenblatt, could find the centrist Jewish communal position in a global nuclear war.

And if he is finding a middle position on Muslim immigration, this means one thing. Despite all the claims of major Jewish organizations that Jews want ever-increasing mass immigration, something else is stirring beneath the incessant cheerleading.

In ”The Challenge Of Muslim Immigration,” Rosenblatt notes concerns over Muslim immigration…

(VDARE.com note: Rosenblatt uses as cover a reference to the equally ineffectual Christpher Caldwell.)

The Kvetcher goes on:

I suspect that just as I have friends who do not wish to be named who agree with me, so too, I have allies up high who are fighting for sanity.

Presumably powerful allies. Strong enough to give Rosenblatt cover and protectsia. Because you can’t stake out a middle position if there aren’t two acceptable sides to the argument, now, can you?

There is a very long way to go, but maybe this is a start.

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