A Romney Platform: "Providing Adult Supervision To Government"
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Jehu at Chariot of Reaction writes:
Providing adult supervision to government is probably the most winning narrative [Romney] can convincingly put forward—other than the default narrative that I suck a reasonable amount less than does Obama, and the press will actually criticize me when I do evil things, and the permanent bureaucracy will resist my crazier schemes more so than it would resist Obama.  That narrative has the advantage of being God's honest truth, but it's unlikely to actually inspire many people. 
Actually aggressively attacking things that people actually hate probably would.  The list of things that the population hates is pretty damned long, but the TSA [i.e., airport security] has bipartisan hatred and even substantial hatred among self-styled cultural elites.  Hang a TSA uniform on Obama and beat him like a pinata.
"Frequent fliers"—the people who make the 7am flight to DFW a few times a month or more — pretty much keep the country running. (I say this as somebody who flies as infrequently as possible.) They wouldn't be a bad class to cultivate.

"Providing adult supervision to government"—I like that slogan, even if nobody else does.
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