A Progressive Defends Chicks From Bryanna
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Now, I have a little different attitude towards the Dixie Chicks, George Bush and the GOP than Bryanna does. First off, my kids are big fans of the the Dixie Chicks. My 11 year old daughter and her mother went to their most recent concert in Portland.

I really can understand the Chicks' anger at George Bush being associated with Texas just because his father rented a hotel room there - his legal residence during much of his DC career - and W learned to speak with drawl. The Bush family have very little to do with Texas or the rest of Dixie in terms of culture or heritage. The Bush family do have a history of making big bucks through politics - and the folks in their traditional stomping grounds like Connecticut are so fed up with their stunts, I doubt that even with elections by Diebold, they would win an election there.

I come from Missouri - and families like the Bush clan were called "carpetbaggers" there.

Anyhow, we have some women with undoubted talent giving appropriate credit to a guy that got everything by trading on his family name and money. Bryanna, why do you defend a guy doing everything in his power to faciliate mass immigration to the US from Mexico? Every indication suggest that Al Gore with an A- voting record from Americans from better immigration wouldn't have been nearly as bad with respect to the immigration issue as George Bush has been.

I'm not a fan of Hollywood. The highly-centralized media control represented by Hollywood and Fox News is causing serious problems (which is part of why the two of us are writing for VDARE.COM rather than making big bucks).

That said, I think that Hollywood is gearing up for a serious political win in 2008. The only successful Democratic presidential runs in recent memory were white, male southerners - Clinton and Carter. Hollywood has a history of being rather disparaging towards folks with that heritage (think of films like Deliverance). Now, with the recent success of the Chicks and the academy award nomination for Al Gore, Hollywood is playing a little different game. I think there is every indication it will work.

We should appeal to Southern Democrats like Jim Webb who are being put into a very strategic situation by these circumstances—and might be inclined to bring some sanity to immigration policy.

I suspect that if anyone were to actually talk to the Dixie Chicks, their own attitudes on immigration would be closer to folks like Gore, Webb and Byrd than the traitor George "Open Borders" Bush.

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