A New Pipeline Full Of Sob Stories
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Several days back, I blogged here about a particular phony asylum case from about eight years ago that's subsequently turned into an organized campaign against deportation for the Albanian-born teenager Herta Lushlo and her mother Tatyana.

My blog entry also pointed VDARE readers to a means for them to weigh in on the side of our national interest (Deportations Now! Deportations Tomorrow! Deportations Forever!). If you haven't yet stepped up on this armchair-activism opportunity, I encourage you to do so now, since the problem is metastasizing, as we learn from an article in the Boston Globe: Case by case, activists fight deportations | Immigrant students benefiting from blitz (click through to second page, too) [by Maria Sacchetti, September 7, 2009]

This latest front (a guerrilla front) in the war for American sovereignty is well summarized by reporter Sacchetti:

The bespectacled honor student [Llusho] is the third young person in the past few weeks to successfully delay deportation amid extraordinary public campaigns that combined grass-roots organizing with online social networking. Frustrated by the failure to pass federal legislation called the Dream Act that would allow illegal immigrants brought here before they were 15 to apply for legal residency, advocates are pushing to halt their deportations, one by one.

”It’s not just working because we’re getting lucky,’’ said Carlos Saavedra, lead organizer of the Student Immigrant Movement in Massachusetts, who has joined Facebook pages and sent faxes and e-mails to support the immigrants. ”Those faxes mean power, and we’re getting the right message out.’’

Got that? The article makes clear that the steam is building on this.

Sacchetti also does a competent job reporting our point of view, quoting ALIPAC's leader Bill Gheen:

Critics, while sympathetic to immigrants who were brought here as children, say immigration officials are caving to public support and failing to enforce immigration laws. One critic said the immigrants are being used as ”political pawns’’ to push for a broader amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. An estimated 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate from high school in this country every year.

”It’s very wrong to try to use such anecdotes to appeal to the American citizenry that has a large concern about illegal immigration,’’ said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, or Alipac.us, an Internet-based organization with 25,000 members who favor reduced immigration. ”Americans are being told that we’re at fault. We are not at fault. We’re not the ones that brought them here.’’

The article recounts recent "successes" of a year's deferral of deportation for a 23-year-old illegal alien from Argentina and of a similar deferral for a Bangladeshi illegal-alien college student, with more individual sob-story cases in the pipeline.

The 90-plus reader comments for Sacchetti's article as of 6:30 p.m. ET on September 7 are heavy with lack of sympathy for the sob stories. Doing a sparse sampling, I particularly liked this one, by "boazrg" at 10:16 a.m. ET:

As a Mexican-American whose family obeyed US immigration laws to the letter when we came to the USA in the forties and fifties, I'm "Up to here" with the orchestrated sob stories of all the "Herta Llushos" and "anchor babies" that have made a mockery of the American tradition of immigration! Herta Llusho, and all those like her, play to our feelings of sympathy, and make us feel guilt and shame about enforcing US immigration laws. Too bad! When my family came to the United States, we had to sign affidavits that we would not seek public assistance of any kind, and that the the family members who sponsored us to enter the USA would support us. We were fools to abandon these immigration requirements! Naturally, my family had to learn english ASAP, and we did! Heck, you really could not get a job with knowing some english! It was not easy for my older relatives, but they did it! ... Why do you think the state of California is bankrupt? Other states will follow! ... The USA is not responsible for taking care of the whole world! When will Americans wake up and put a halt to the widespread abuse of our traditional open door policy toward immigrants? Here's my bi-lingual response to the millions of illegals and their supporters: "Ya Basta!" (Enough already!)
So please weigh in on the bureaucrats with your own push-back against the Llusho sob story, starting from that prior blog entry.

Feeling energetic? Start your own blog to focus on this specific subject, something Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch tells me can be done for free! Make yourself the national expert on these particular doings of the enemy (see here), as Ann has with RRW. You'll have an impact.

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