A Minutewoman Reflects
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Among the many VDARE.COM readers who participated in the Minuteman Project are Georgia activists Diane and Lawrence Headrick. They have returned home and shared this story with me:
“Many of the people involved were professionals, not rednecks. We both have masters degrees (mine is industrial/organizational psychology, husband's is secondary education). We met nurses, scientists, pilots, environmental engineers, teachers, and many retired military and law enforcement officers from all over the


“We were in Arizona for a week. We patrolled our area for five days. We were moved by the many locals who stopped to offer their gratitude. One woman brought me flowers.

“We heard so many horror stories of daily life on the border that I returned to GA empowered, determined never again to be intimidated by businessmen. In fact, we were quite depressed to come home, away from the likeminded, supportive people.

“People here would never endure the atrocities that the border dwellers face daily. We will always cherish the friendships made with other MMP participants and the lessons learned from the locals.”

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