A John Derbyshire Spoof: The Oscars: An Early Preview
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The Oscars: An Early Preview

In my column at Taki’s Magazine this week I offer up some spoof previews of movies that I think might win Oscars next spring.

Godzilla v. Martin Luther King.  In this latest adaptation of a comic-book superhero saga, the great Civil Rights leader is pitted against a colossal reptile with radioactive breath, cloned from fragments of dinosaur DNA by white scientists.  Godzilla rampages through Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago, destroying houses and driving away businesses.  White commentators ignore the monster, blaming the destruction on black social dysfunction . . .

Read the whole thing there.

Readers sometimes ask me why I rarely do spoofs nowadays.  It’s a multi-part answer:

  • The Onion has colonized most of spoof space.
  • As our civilization descends into insanity, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with anything as preposterous as reality.  The Onion kind of illustrates this, as does this effort in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph.
  • As I survey the current cultural and political scene, I feel less and less inclined to laugh.
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