A Hollywood Prius Owner Is Now Thinking About Voting for Trump
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At the end of this clip, the cops pull over the Prius driver, of course, for being so racist as to fear that the Breonna Taylor Mourners would go all Reginald Denny on him.

Which they did, granted. But that just makes his stereotyping of them even more deplorable.

This would make a good Curb Your Enthusiasm episode: Larry David’s Prius is attacked by a mob on Sunset in front of the Arclight movie theater, but he gets arrested and declared to be The Face of White Terrorism. Or I guess it was an episode of Seinfeld in 1992.

Somebody should do a study of voters who primarily watch local news, with lots of raw helicopter feeds, vs. voters who primarily watch highly curated national news. Ask them whether this summer has been more noteworthy for Peaceful Protests or Riots?

By the way, the big white golf ball-like Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome that the terrified Prius owner drives past is the ancient Cinerama Dome movie theater on Sunset Boulevard where I saw 2001 in 1968.

Why do Democrats hate cities?

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