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Hat Tip – in fact, warm appreciation - to Mangan’s for defending VDARE.com yesterday in Bashing VDARE from a series of sneers recently published on the Half Sigma blog.

The Half Sigma site appears to be a narcissistic celebration of the self-judged intellectual and social superiority of its proprietor, “a resident of New York City”. In operation some five years, we read in Vdare is not helping to mainstream HBD

During the last year, I decided that if this blog has any political goals, it's the mainstreaming of HBD. HBD-denialism leads to a huge amount of bad policy.
In order to mainstream HBD, you need to bring the smart people onboard. Vdare, by catering to the common man, is not accomplishing that goal and in fact is hurting that goal, because when smart people see that HBD is just something that dumb people believe, it only makes them more smug about having the “correct” beliefs,

Half Sigma’s definition of HBD - Human Bio-Diversity - is here.

The trigger for VDARE.com to be honored with Half Sigma’s attention was providing the opportunity to be condescending to Philip Sanchez about his daughter’s University admission/Affirmative Action experience.

Mr. Sanchez, obviously from a middle class and not an upper middle class background, naïvely assumed that because his daughter had really high grades… this means she’d be a shoe-in for Yale.

(HS means shoo-in - VDARE.com)

HS goes on

I also think it’s rather stupid of him that he encouraged his daughter to check the white box when she has an Hispanic surname and a legitimate claim to an Hispanic cultural background via her grandfather. This demonstrates some sort of naïve middle class honor. The upper middle class will game the system any way possible in order to get their children into the best schools.

This attitude precludes me supporting Half Sigma joining my Club, which is only for gentlemen.

A number of commentators both on Mangan’s and HS itself suggest that Half Sigma is also motivated in its hostility to VDARE.com by ethnic animosities of the inevitable provenance. I cannot categorically say that, but the remark in the HBD mainstreaming post

Vdare obviously has other goals besides mainstreaming HBD, because Vdare publishes a lot of pro-Christian stuff which appeals to the Stormfront crowd which blames Jews for all of our nation’s problems.

has a strange ring.

So does

If Peter Brimelow and Steve Sailer just did a joint blog without the rest of the crap on Vdare, and without the vaguely racist-sounding name “Vdare,” and without Brimelow linking to white nationalist writers, it would be a pretty good blog.

in Peter Brimelow on immigration.

Dennis Mangan deals definitively in his post with Half Sigma’s conceited silliness, but I did appreciate this comment on HS’s HBD mainstreaming thread:

As a college instructor, I know that one sign of relatively low intelligence is not being able to answer the question actually set on an exam, and instead wandering off in various tangents.
What the author of this blog has done is the equivalent. Vdare has always been presented as a coalition of authors with various interests. In so far as it has a position as a whole, it is about preserving the historic American nation. Read 'Why Vdare' on the site. Nothing on the site has ever claimed it is mainly about HBD, or even minorly concerned about HBD. To say that because Vdare publishes Steve 'Citizenist' Sailor, who writes a lot on HBD, the site is somehow a 'failed' HBD site is like saying the NYT, because it publishes trade economist Krugman, is a failed Economics journal.
For the author of this blog and his pseudo-elite followers to pontificate about Vdare's lack of being something it never claimed to be is an analog of my poorer (read, less intelligent) students going off on tangents when writing their exams.
Posted by: stari_momak | June 02, 2009 at 05:00 PM

Thanks, Mangan's

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