A Certain Slant of Light falls on the DREAM Act
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Further to Marcus Epstein’s essay about the Dream Act subterfuge, A Certain Slant of Light has produced one of this blog’s trademark and invaluable compendiums of relevant and useful links on the subject:

It’s not that they – many members of the United States Senate – still don’t get it. They get it all right. Their collective hides still burn from getting their backsides singed this past June …But, after all, they wouldn’t be members of the august, perpetually preening Praetorian Guard and a do-nothing, abjectly unpopular Congress, if they weren’t hellbent on disregarding the wishes of the majority of American voters in favor of securing amnesty and taxpayer-subsidized windfalls for foreign nationals who have entered our country illegally or purposefully overstayed their visas…

In a nutshell, it’s a conspiracy of special interest groups and the senators who serve them, who are determined to launch and secure yet another amnesty/benefits windfall for the undocumented masses and, as always, at the expense of bona-fide, tapped-out, American citizens-taxpayers and their dependents...

Nicely done, ACSL

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