A Black Caller To Rush Limbaugh Regarding Our Alien-in-Chief
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I happened to be listening to Rush Limbaugh's show at the start of its second hour this morning (1 p.m. ET, June 15).  The day's biggest news was the Wonderboy administration's announcement of its DREAM-Act-amnesty-by-euphemism.

Rush's first two callers of the daythis was "Open-Line Friday"—each identified himself as a conservative-leaning black, and each was angry about the amnesty.  What was most memorable, though, was the second caller's opening line:

Next time America wants to do a Jackie Robinson experiment, make sure he's an American at heart.

I scribbled it down as soon as he said it, and I may have muffed a word or two but certainly not his key words, "Jackie Robinson experiment" and "American at heart." 


Ah ... since I wrote the above, the transcript for that segment of the show has become available, here.  For my money quote, scroll down to the part featuring "Mike in Pennsauken, New Jersey."  Turns out that I misremembered the sequence — it was actually the third of three excellent points made by Mike:

CALLER: And I want to say something to Americans: The next time they want to do a Jackie Robinson experiment, at least make sure that the guy is an American at heart, all right, that puts American values first.

RUSH:  Wait, let's just clarify what he said.  The next time America wants "to do a Jackie Robinson experiment," make sure he's "an American at heart."

CALLER:  At heart.

Rush's own riffs on the news — what he's termed "Catch. Release. Vote" — were excellent, here and here.  Now if we could only get him to focus and realize that the fundamental problem is legal immigration.


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