A Bit More Regarding Non-American "African Americans"
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Upon reading James Fulford's brief blog entry "African-Americans", The Oscars, And PC, I was reminded of something similarly brief that the late, lamented Lawrence Auster wrote in 2005:


I earlier criticized the news media for failing to provide the information that most (or at least many) of the French rioters were not, as was believed, Arab or North African, but black. But it seems I was wrong about that. Remember the two youths whose accidental death by electrocution sparked the riots? CNN’s Carol Lin let the cat out of the bag when she described them as “African-American teenagers.”

In case you were wondering, this is far from the first time that an American has described foreign blacks as African-Americans. It’s almost common. For example, once a very liberal acquaintance of mine, who had just returned from a vacation in Norway, spoke of the blacks in Norway as African-Americans before she caught herself. Such is the power of liberal conformity and taboo. Once an idea, or even a mere word, such as “black” for a black American, becomes prohibited to decent people, the prohibition not only becomes automatic and unconscious, it keeps expanding its reach.

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