80-year-old White Baltimore Councilwoman Viciously Attacked by Two Black "Teens," Hugs Family of Boy Who Carjacked Her
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This has the potential to be one of the stories of the year, showcasing white guilt/pusillanimity in the face of the overwhelming and horrifying reality of black crime.
As is so often the case, we find ourselves in nearly 70 percent black Baltimore (if you haven't bought The City that Bleeds yet, what are you waiting for?), a city whose recently sworn-in city council voted unanimously to condemn President-elect Donald Trump's rhetoric.

Uniting with black gangs to burn down the city, good; a President-elect who wants to Make America Great Again (a depressingly aracial message), bad.

Nevertheless, a white female member of the Baltimore City Council recently found herself carjacked and viciously assaulted by two black "teens" (13 and 15 years old) inside her secure parking garage.

It was roughly 10 a.m. in the morning when this attack happened.

The 80-year-old white woman was pulled out of her car, slammed to the ground and punched in the face by these black males. Hilariously, The Baltimore Sun reports "Police said a security gate prevented the teens from exiting the garage. Two garage employees stopped one of the teens until police arrived, police said. The other teen ran from the scene."

Both of the black "teens" are in custody, but what happens next in the story makes this one of those you'll never, ever forget.

Spector encouraged after meeting with carjacking suspect's family: Former Baltimore councilwoman advocates for change in juvenile-justice system, WBALTV.com, December 13, 2016

Former Baltimore City Councilwoman Rikki Spector, the victim of an attempted carjacking earlier this month, attended a hearing Tuesday for one of her accused attackers.

Still upset over what happened Dec. 2, Spector is keeping close tabs on the teenagers charged with attacking her, and on the juvenile-justice system."I want to know how this can be righted," Spector said.
Determined to make a difference, Spector went to juvenile court Tuesday for a detention review for one of the teenagers charged in the assault and attempted carjacking that left her battered and bruised. The former city councilwoman is now advocating for change in the juvenile-justice system.
"The system isn't working for the kids, not working for us. You can look at me and see that," Spector said.
Boys ages 13 and 15 are accused of attacking Spector inside a gated, guarded and patrolled garage near her home. She struggled with the teens as they tried to steal her car.
The 15-year-old had no prior incidents. The court put him on home detention until his trial in January. Spector met with his family outside the courtroom.
"I hugged the family and told them how huge it was for me to see them there, because this is what it takes to help this boy never be in this situation again," Spector said. "I put myself in their place. If that had been my boy, son or grandson, I would want somebody to have a heart, to understand they truly didn't want this to happen, sorry it did happen and will do everything in their power to make sure it doesn't happen again."
Spector said she's encouraged and is partnering with the family.
"The parents, grandparents, football coach and attorney (are) begging to minimize (the) punishment and give us a chance to help this boy," Spector said. "It's very important to me and this young man. Their presence spoke volumes."
Police told 11 News that, in the past year, the 13-year-old has been charged with carjacking, robbery, destruction of property, auto theft, drugs and assault. He remains in juvenile custody. His detention review is next week. Spector plans to be at that hearing, as well.
Spector said she never became afraid during the attack. She still remains angry and wants consequences for the teens while showing compassion as she continues to heal.
"I'm tough, I'm tough," Spector said.
Spector said she's seeking legislative, community and court solutions.
A black 13-year-old charged with, in just one year, "carjacking, robbery, destruction of property, auto theft, drugs and assault." He must be spending time at the aptly name Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center in 65 percent black Baltimore!

In a sane world, these two black "teens" would be executed for their evil criminality (which they cannot possibly be rehabilitated into a productive, contributing member of society) - because punishment must be unusual or else it serves no purpose -  and their parents/guardians publicly flogged as a reminder of the consequences for rearing children with such poor moral judgement as to attack and beat an 80-year-old woman.

In our world, they will probably get a hug from the 80-year-old white woman and a tax-payer supported job at the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center.

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