6-Year-Old White Girl Shot Chasing Ball Into Black Neighbor's Yard—Will Biden Call HER Family?
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Not long after a black teen was shot at the home of an elderly white man, a little white girl was shot while chasing a ball into the yard of a black neighbor. 

Six-year-old Kinsley was playing her friends when the ball rolled out of bounds. With the help of her dad, William White, Kinsley went to get her ball. White was also shot and remains hospitalized. Kinsley's mom, Ashley Hilderbrand, was grazed. 

Days earlier a black teen, Ralph Yarl, was shot late at night at the front door of an elderly white man. The media portrayed the teen as angelic and the elderly shooter, Andrew Lester, 84, as racist (he watches Fox News, they said). 

The teen was shot in Kansas City, Missouri, where black teens routinely experience gun violence. Yarl's experience commanded national attention. The lives of his young black neighbors, apparently, don't matter. 

Time will tell if the shooting of a six-year-old girl in Gaston County, North Carolina will garner the same media attention of the sixteen-year-old boy in Missouri.  

My crystal ball informs me that it won't [Suspect accused of injuring child, parents in shooting arrested in Florida, by Ken Lemon, wsoctv.com, April 20, 2023]. 

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