41 Gripping Minutes Of Homeland Security Video
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I'm not being sarcastic. Figuring that I would just sample the first few minutes of this video that Hal Netkin has archived at his very eclectic website, I wound up watching the whole thing.

The original was a serial of shorter, interrelated videos broadcast by ABC TV. We see interesting cases, apparently captured Candid Camera style, at two of our border crossings with Canada and several crossings on the southern border, along with enforcement activities in the desert between crossings.

With that lead-in, I'd like to express my admiration for Mr. Netkin. Hal is a retired electrical engineer who used his technical inventiveness to publicize and fight illegal immigration in many creative ways while residing in the San Fernando Valley. He moved to Sierra Vista, AZ several years ago because of the worsening climate in southern California, including explicit threats to his family.

You can sample Hal's immigration-sanity resume by checking out — besides his website — VDARE items by or about him linked here.

Two of his specific areas of expertise are E-Verify and the Mexican matricula consular cards. For awhile, at least, Hal was the primary procurer of counterfeit matriculas for those of us who wanted to get them for illustrative purposes, since he knew the ropes of dealing with the counterfeiters hanging out in Los Angeles's MacArthur Park area. And his primer on the cards, besides being informative, is also quite amusing.

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